Orthodontics braces are an extremely common orthodontic treatment for straightening out crooked teeth, realigning your bite, or resolving crowding issues.

While conventional metal brackets are what probably comes to mind when we say “braces,” we also offer more aesthetic corrective solutions at our offices in Valois, Pointe-Claire.

ClearCorrect and Invisalign use a series of transparent trays that are molded to the shape of your teeth. This is the preferred option for patients who want to maintain a subtler look throughout their orthodontic journey.

Both approaches are equally effective – it simply comes down to what you’re most comfortable with.

The first step is to book a orthodontic consultation, so we can discuss the options and put a plan in motion to achieve your perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening

In order to offer you the best results, we provide different types of teeth whitening. They differ in composition, concentration and technique.

We will run through the options with you to find which best suits your bleaching needs.

In Office Whitening:

Our in-office teeth whitening offers the fastest way to whiten teeth and is a very popular cosmetic dentistry procedure.

A whitening agent is applied directly to the teeth and is used in combination with a special light or laser which speeds up the whitening process.

Home-Based Tray Whitening:

Tray based tooth whiteners involve custom made trays, similar to a mouth guard, that are made on-site at our West Island clinic.

The trays are filled with a whitening solution. The trays are usually worn at home for a 7 to 10 day period for certain length of time each day.


Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made shells of tooth colored material designed to cover the front surface of the teeth to improve appearance.

Veneers provide virtually the ultimate in cosmetic enhancement, since they can be used to optimize tooth color, shape, size, texture, and shininess.

We offer a variety of options from porcelain veneers, composite veneers, and direct composite bondings at our offices in Pointe-Claire.

All offer great results and provide options for a variety of needs and budgets.

Give us a call. We’ll help you decide the right treatment for you.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Do you have missing, broken, or severely damaged teeth? Unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Don’t let your health and confidence suffer any longer.

Full mouth rehabilitation or Full mouth restoration are terms often used interchangeably to describe the process of ‘rebuilding’ or ‘simultaneously restoring’ all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws to maximize function and aesthetics.

Since 1974, Dentaire Turner has helped hundreds of patients in the West Island and the greater Montreal area restore the look and function of their smiles through a full mouth rehabilitation treatments.

Give us a call today. We’d love to evaluate your situation and put together a personalized treatment plan that improves your health and smile.